Research Paper of a Theme in the Novel ‘A Raisin in the Sun Assignment | Custom Assignment Help

The Research paper is your chance to further explore a theme from any one of the texts we’ve read in class. You will revise any paper you’ve already submitted so far to make it clearer through more logical analysis, better organized through restructuring, and more convincing because you have added even more evidence from (a) source(s) other than the text. To revise the paper, work on adding a secondary source as well as making the paper better in all the ways we’ve looked: citation, paragraph focus & development, insightful thesis, and clear grammar. This paper will be like the other papers you’ve written for the class so far: you will present a central theme you see in your choice of text(s), but, you will also include the published ideas and analysis of a literary scholar. Don’t try to cover the whole family in this short essay. It will lead to you covering the whole play in each body paragraph.  Focus on one character and name them in your thesis.  Then break down how the journey of this character shows what you say it shows in the play; make a claim about a moment in act 1 for the first body paragraph, then a claim about a moment in act 2 for the second body paragraph, and so forth. Requirements: This paper must have a full heading, including a title. It must have at least 1 secondary source. It must be between 750-1000 words. The font should be size 12. It should be double-spaced. It must include MLA in-text citation and a works cited page. For the research, you are expected to find one or two secondary sources to add to any one of the papers you’ve written for this class this semester. This source cannot be another play, poem, short story, or any work of literature. It must be an essay or article about some relevant part of your topic.

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Research Paper of a Theme in the Novel ‘A Raisin in the Sun Assignment | Custom Assignment Help
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