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For your course project, you will explore an area of lifespan development of your choosing. You might select a topic that applies to your professional goals, or one that is simply of interest to you -Research-based examination of an area of human development, analysis of research findings on the topic, and how the findings are useful in a professional setting. – try to narrow down the articles to the three that best address current research, which supports or negates the developmental theory (or theories) you have selected. You may choose to organize your project in this way: Title Page. Abstract. Introduction (1–2 paragraphs). For both options A and B, the introduction should provide an overview of the human lifespan development topic area, stage of development, and the related theories you have selected. Body (3–4 pages). Related Research: Summarize each of the articles you are using for this project. Each summary should include the following: The purpose of the research. Note: The purpose of the research will be discussed in the abstract, introduction, and discussion or conclusion sections of the articles. A description of the specific methods used by the researchers to conduct the study. Note: This information is addressed in the methods section of the articles. An explanation of the research findings and their implications. Note: This information is addressed in the discussions or conclusions of the articles. Summarize your survey findings. Which answer had the largest mean (percent) for each question? Were there large differences in the mean (percent)? Do people have personal experience with your topic? Do people think your topic is a problem area? What can you conclude from the responses? Analyzing the Research: Describe any flaws or inconsistencies between the research and your survey results. Do the authors discuss any factors that may have affected the findings? Applying Research: Explain how the research findings influence personal behavior and values. Explain how the research findings can be used by a psychology professional in a professional setting. Reference page (minimum of three scholarly resources). Be sure that you have addressed each section as completely as possible and followed APA guidelines for format and style. Example assignment: You may use the assignment example, linked in the Resources, to give you an idea of what a Proficient or higher rating on the scoring guide would look like. Additional Requirements Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message and is consistent with expectations for members of the psychological professions. APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (current edition) style and formatting. Resources: Minimum of three scholarly or professional resources. Please note that popular resources such as Wikipedia or are not considered to be appropriate. Length: 4–5 typed, double-spaced pages, not including title page and reference page.

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Research-based examination of an area of Human Development Assignment | Essay Help Services
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