Remote Video Monitoring – Telesitters

Paper instructions

I have 2 articles. For each article, I have written the summary. In 1 paragraph I need you to critically analyze the article and I have included the questions that need to be addressed in the analyze. Then in a 2nd paragraph, I need you to synthesize the key points of the article. You do not have site the article. I have already completed that in an earlier lesson.

**NEED*** Critically analysis – 1 paragraph only. Answer questions to address strengths and limitations of article.
1. What were the strengths of the research? Were a significant number of participants studied in a n appropriate setting that can be applied in a broader sense.
2. What were the limitations of the research? Was the environment controlled?
3. What did the author leave out?
4. Were barriers identified and addressed?
5. Could the findings be implemented with purpose and expected outcomes?

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Remote Video Monitoring – Telesitters
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**NEED*** Synthesize the main points – 1 paragraph


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