Reflection 2

For this week’s Reflection paper, select THREE groups (African Americans, the Chinese, Hispanics, Native Americans, or European immigrants). Please write 9 different paragraphs
Explain how race and ethnicity influenced freedom and opportunity in the U.S. for these groups. during this period. (Be specific, give examples from readings, topic pages.) Please write 9 different paragraphs
Book is: Foner, Eric, Give Me Liberty!, Vol. 2, 6th ed., W.W. Norton: get EITHER the full edition Vol. 2 OR the Seagull edition Vol. 2. Make sure it is the 6th.  Foner, Voices of Freedom, Vol. 2, 6th ed., W.W. Norton W.W. Norton, Digital Resource Access for Give Me Liberty 6 th ed. Online access to text

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Reflection 2
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