REDCap collecting data by using Qualtrics.

Paper instructions

Who will do this order must be an expert in collecting data by using Qualtrics.

We use Qualtrics a lot for some of our projects here in the College. Here’s alternative to Qualtrics that can be used in addition to Qualtrics. I think it may offer more than just a survey. Please take a look at URLs below. Do some reading and go over training materials. Please watch all the videos in the bottom. Do some digging ????.

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REDCap collecting data by using Qualtrics.
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As you review it, take note of cool and interesting features that we may use here. I need to have a list of such features.

So, before you start, you should understand both software to come up with the nice list of features.

So, this order is not a writing paragraphs with citation ,, no no no. Compare the 2 ways of collecting data in your mind then WRITE A NOTE OF THE FEATURES OF REDCap.

See the following links: “for the training, you may need to sign up” so do not worry about it, see the videos and you will find good info about redcap online


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