Question about aquatic ecology and the various hypotheses | Homework Help

Consider Aquatic Ecology and the various hypotheses that you and your classmates came up with. Choose any one hypothesis, and in the box below, neatly write (or type) the following:

1) Two statements that introduce the problem that your hypothesis is aIDressing. This problem may have to do with specie introductions, or pollution, or a question of natural history strategies, etc.

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Question about aquatic ecology and the various hypotheses | Homework Help
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2) Write three statements that support and/or point to the hypothesis that you choose to write about. These statements must cite scientific work, your text book, your lab manual, or any scientific finding that has been widely published in media. You might use the search engines Google Scholar or The Web Of Science to find articles. Cite the source of your information in parenthesis using the Chicago format (author, year). Use linking phrases or terms to so that these supporting statements follow each other in the form of a paragraph.

3) State the hypothesis that you are aIDressing. 4) In one sentence, describe the experimental setup that you used in order to test the hypothesis.

5) List the methods that you employed in order to carry out the experiment. Be sure to list the tools you used, the number of counts, and the statistical test that you used to analyze your data. This should not take more five sentences.



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