Public Service Announcement Essay

Essay 1 Part 1 – PSA Assignment due on April 10

A PSA (Public Service Announcement) from is the visual text you will analyze for Essay #2.

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Public Service Announcement Essay
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Your assignment for Essay #2 will be to write a Rhetorical Analysis Essay regarding only one PSA. You will dissect the visual text, meaning you will analyze the message of the one PSA and how this message is delivered.

PSA link page,%3A45,%3A30&ia=health,family-community (Links to an external site.)

PSA Tittle


Get Down Masked


For the outline, make a thorough list what you will write about in each of the different sections of the essay.  I will provide feedback on this outline, which will make writing the full essay much easier.  Students tend to struggle with this essay, so take advantage of this brainstorming step.  (Again, this outline is only for the body paragraphs of Essay #2, which means it does not include the introduction and conclusion paragraphs; however, you will need to include an introduction and conclusion once you write the full essay.)



Part 2- Below is an outline template to complete for the body paragraphs of Essay #2 — Rhetorical Analysis Essay—- I will want this outline separately first. Instructor’s feedback on this will then be used for the essay

Provide thorough answers under each question. In some cases, you may be asked to list answers; in other cases, you may be asked to explain your answers (or both). 1. Who is the audience (target market) for your PSA (Public Service Announcement)? Explain how you know this is the target based on the PSA. Be specific – companies spend a lot of money on advertising and have target markets. The target market is not targeting “all viewers” or “everyone.” 2. What is the purpose of the PSA (to bring awareness to ___________)? 3. What is the argument being made in the PSA? The argument is the main message of the PSA. How do you know this is the argument? 4. Logos – What is being presented as facts, statistics, and/or logical reasoning in this PSA? Logos can be implied and not explicitly stated. Below, list what the PSA is presenting as facts. 5. Pathos – List at least three specific emotions the PSA evokes from the targeted viewers (examples: happiness, guilt, fear, motivation, sadness, or other emotions). Next, explain what happens in the PSA that causes viewers to feel each of the emotions you mention.

6. Ethos – List what makes this PSA credible. What makes viewers trust this PSA? How does the PSA create credibility and trust with the targeted viewers? 7. What is the larger context of the PSA? Explain what is happening in society that creates a need for this PSA. 8. List the strengths of this PSA and explain why they are strengths. What works well in this PSA to target the specific audience with this message? (You may or may not be part of the target audience for this PSA. Even if you are, make sure you focus on what works for the target audience as a whole, not what you like.) 9. List any weaknesses of this PSA and explain why they are weaknesses. What does not work well in this PSA to target the specific audience with this message? If you do not see any weaknesses, you can indicate that. (You may or may not be part of the target audience for this PSA. Even if you are, make sure you focus on what does not work for the target audience as a whole, not what you don’t like.) 10. Overall, does the PSA achieve its purpose for the target audience in delivering the message. Explain why or why not

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAssignment Requirements
20 to >17.0 pts


Addresses all aspects of the assignment thoroughly. Follows MLA format.

17 to >13.0 pts


Addresses most aspects of the assignment. Follows MLA format mostly.

13 to >9.0 pts


Addresses some aspects of the assignment. Some MLA format.

9 to >0 pts


Does not address the assignment. Little MLA format.


20 pts


Part 3- Self evaluation

The Self-evaluation is due with the Rhetorical Essay (Essay #2).  As a reminder, I will not grade the First Submission of Essay #2 until you have posted the self-evaluation.  

Please provide thorough answers to the following questions about Essay #2.  To submit the Self-evaluation, click on the “Start Assignment” button in the top right corner. Be sure to number your answers.

1. In your own words, briefly explain what you are being asked to do for this essay.

2. What is the most successful part of your essay? Explain.

3. What is the least successful part of your essay? Explain.

4. If you had a chance to change one or more aspects of your essay before submitting, what would you change and why? Explain.


Essay 2- My Topic- “the importance of lowering the divorce rate to keep families together.” 6 pages due on 10th April

We are writing the Proposal below separately

Approach Below is a list of what you should address in your Topic Proposal. The hope is that you have thought even more about your social issue topic since you had it approved with the Topic idea and considered the feedback I provided. Do not list the questions and then answer them. Instead, write your proposal in essay format (paragraphs). You are going to be spending the remainder of the semester with this topic, so choose wisely. What social issue are you researching? Why are you researching this social issue? o Tell me a story that shows the relevance of this topic to your life. What is the argument regarding this topic? o Explain what is being talked and debated about with regard to the topic. o Provide what you know about other viewpoints of this argument (in addition to your viewpoint) What are two or three “open” research questions you’d like to investigate through your research? o See the next page for examples of open and closed research questions. What keywords will you use to find sources? (Reference the Keywords video.) What are some ideas you have about where to look for sources?

She wants me to write something along this line.

The topic of your essay seems to be “the importance of lowering the divorce rate to keep families together.” Essentially, this is also your argument — the divorce rate needs to be lowered in order to keep families together.”


A counterargument (goes against your argument) could be that there are situtions where divorce will be better for the family. An example could be in a physically abusive relationship. You may agree with this counterargument and say, “Yes, there are times when the best choice is divorce.” However, overall, there are ways to lower the divorce rate in situations outside of abuse…and you can share that.


Another counterargument could be from people who have made divorce work for their families (now blended families) and can show how the children are thriving. In this case, you can agree that some people do well and make this work, but you can show the X% of divorced children who suffer…


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