Public Health Practitioner Assignment | Online Assignment

Discuss three examples of how, as a public health practitioner, you do/could apply three strengths from your Personal Strengths Inventory report. Grading Rubric Full credit – Post includes introduction paragraph, a separate paragraph discussing each example (3 examples), a conclusion paragraph, required reference(s), and is free of proofreading and editing errors. My 3 strengths according to the personal strengths inventory: -Enthusiasm (My score for enthusiasm is 72.5%.) -Awe (People who experience frequent states of awe have a keen appreciation of beauty and excellence in the world) My score for awe is 92.5%. -Gratitude (Grateful people notice the kind gestures of others and always take time to say thank you – and to return the favor, if they can.) My score for gratitude is 85%

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Public Health Practitioner Assignment | Online Assignment
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