project 2


Project, 3 pages, APA style, Turnitin score less than 23 1.      Describe My leadership style: democratic. 2.    Define Transformational Leadership and as it relates to your identified leadership attributes that you possess or need to develop. 3.    Assure your leadership style is evident in your response from the following setting to answer  the question below: Health Promotion: Healthy People 2020 have identified Metabolic Syndrome as a major health concern. Sara, lives and works as an A/GNP in rural America. Several local faith organizations have asked if she can organize a Health Fair that will address health promotion, specifically DM. A)    What AP roles, core competencies and support are needed to make this happen?   References for getting information o   Cherry, K. (2016). What’s Your Leadership Style? Learn more about your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. o    link: How to Become a Better Leader o   Thomas, A., & Stanley, J. (2016). Adult-Gerontology acute care and primary care NP competencies. American Association of Colleges of Nursing. o    Johnson, L. (2017). Leaders change the world. Nurse Leader, 15(3), 160-161. o o o o o

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project 2
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