Professional Spotlight Links

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The Link: Professional Spotlight Links

Part of becoming a professional is to know who the major players in your industry are. You will watch several videos that will help you become familiar with leaders and major companies that are in the forefront of leading the industry.

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Professional Spotlight Links
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(A) Using the Google Drive link above, pick two (2) videos from your degree or discipline. Watch the video and write at least 2 detailed paragraphs on what you found interesting about each video.

(B) Next pick two (2) more Drive videos from a degree other than your own within the BS degrees of Digital Arts and Design at FS and compare it to your degrees’ videos. You will write at least 2 detailed paragraphs on each video as well.

(C) Next you will research and discover at least one more video (1) not currently on the Drive list and write at least 2 detailed paragraphs about the video tell why you picked the video and which degrees you feel it relates to. You may use,, or another source to research a video that you find interesting. Could be of your degree or another.

Requirements: What do I need to do?

MINIMUM Expectations

View the downloadable PDF instructions and rubric.
Discover specifics about Major Players and Companies in your industry
MINIMUM Requirements (80)

Include the following in your submission:

Your Name
Your Class Number
Your chosen degree program
Video 1 & 2 (from Google Drive)
Degree (from your degree)
Video Name and URL
What you learned (see Rubric)
Video 3 & 4 (from Google Drive)
Degree (from a different degree)
Site Name and URL
What you learned about this industry or Person (see Rubric)
Video 5, etc (outside of Google Drive list)
Degree (up to you)
Site Name and URL
What you learned about this industry or Person (see Rubric)

Comments from Customer

Videos needed for assignment

4.1 Professional Spotlight Backup Link List

Computer Animation/Game Art

Game Design and Development/Game Art/Graphics Design

Graphics Design

Game Art/Game Design and Development/Computer Animation

Mobile Development

Mobile Development/Game Art/Computer Animation

Web Development/Graphics Design

Computer Animation/Game Art/Graphics Design/Web Development/Game Design and Development/Mobile Development/Digital Arts and Design

Graphics Design/Digital Arts and Design/Web Development

Information Technology

Computer Science


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