Process essay

For this essay please use as a foundation the draft you submitted for your “Short Written Assignment 6 – Process” and simply build and expand upon that.

Length: 750-1000 words (approximately 2.5-3.5 pages)

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Process essay
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Format: APA; 12-pt. font, 1-inch margins, double spaced

Research: In order to support your three main points (from your thesis statement) you are required to bring some outside sources into your writing. Articles from magazines, journals, and newspapers found online are acceptable. We will begin to go over how to properly cite and use sources in the weeks ahead.


Please read and refer to chapter 4; “Supporting Your Points” before and during your writing of this essay. In order to expand on your three main points (from your thesis statement) you will want to make sure to use the four main types of support (all found in chapter 4) for each of your body paragraphs:

Brief Examples
Narrative Examples
Supporting Quotations
Please remember to use our exercises and chapter readings from the previous weeks to help you build and support each of the three main parts of our essay as found below.

-An introduction with a motivator, thesis, and blueprint (with three supporting points) based on ch. 7

-6-8 body paragraphs with at least three supporting points in each paragraph, based on ch. 4

-A conclusion with a restatement of your thesis and a clincher, based on ch. 8


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