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Choose a research question that includes probes about the effect of a health intervention (i.e. What is the impact of health education for symptom regulation among adults with diabetes?) or health policy change (i.e. What is the impact of an electronic cigarette smoking ban?) The research question must have at least five peer-reviewed research publications from the last ten years available that address the question. Select and read the peer-reviewed research publications. You will write a methodological literature review. The aim is to synthesize the methods of analysis including sampling methods, methodological approaches (quantitative, qualitative, cross sectional, longitudinal, experimental, quasi-experimental, etc.?), data collection (survey, interview, structured or semi-structured questions, etc.?), measures (reliability and validity of the measures used), analytical techniques (statistical tests used, content analysis, etc.?), as well as study results, in order to help readers understand trends in research practice on your topic. The following should be included in your literature review: 1) begin with an introductory paragraph describing the research question, explicitly stating the independent and dependent variables in the research question, and purpose of the literature review, 2) the body of the literature review should include one paragraph summarizing and critiquing each on the following: sampling methods, methodological approaches, data collection, measures, and analytical techniques, 3) a conclusion paragraph should summarize study results from the articles and summarize a critique of the methods of research as reported in the body of the paper

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Probes about the effect of a health intervention Assignment | Essay Help Services
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