Prepare a plan for e-commerce


Programme Title Bachelor of Science (Marketing), Bachelor of Science (Accounting), Bachelor of Science (Finance)
Course Title Management Information  Systems
Course Code  
Assignment Title Prepare a plan for e-commerce
Assignment Format Written report
Assignment Length See below
Submission Format Electronic Submission (Turnitin)


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Prepare a plan for e-commerce
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Assignment Remit

You and your team members plan to set up a Web site to sell … from … and are examining services for development and hosting small business Internet storefronts. Your Web site should also include the ability to take secure credit card payments and to calculate shipping costs and VAT. As a start, your team will display 40 different products. Visit Verio Europe, Host Europe and iPage and compare the range of e-commerce hosting services they offer to small businesses, their capabilities and costs. Review the tools they provide for creating an e-commerce site. Compare these services and decide which you would use if your team decides to establish a Web store. Write a brief report (use given template) indicating your choice and explaining the requirements you have and comparing all three by examining the strengths and weaknesses of each to arrive at your team’s decision.



Course Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate the ability to:

  1. communicate well.



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