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The estimated time for this Portfolio Assignment is approximately 4-5 hours, so please plan accordingly.
Assignment Tasks
As explained by the articles referenced below, the behavioral health workforce in the United States is in crisis. Issues include a lack of resources, quality clinical supervision, sufficient training in evidence-based practices, data collection and measurement, and targeted recruitment and retention.
After reviewing the articles below and 3-5 additional references of your own, create a written or video plan to address the shortages. The plan should have at least 5 sections and include a section to identify all references.
The Future of the Behavioral Health Workforce: Optimism and Opportunity (Links to an external site.) (Beck 2018)
State Legislative Approach to Enumerating Behavioral Health Workforce Shortages: Lessons Learned in New Mexico (Links to an external site.) (Altschul et. al. 2018)
Improving Data for Behavioral Health Workforce Planning: Development of a Minimum Data Set (Links to an external site.) (Beck 2018)
Assignment Details
The plan to address the workforce shortages should have at least 5 sections.
A summary of the content of a policy necessary to implement what your plan proposes.
1, Recruitment strategy
2, Training strategy
3’Compensation strategy
5’Retention strategy

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