Physical Examination and Health Assessment assignment

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Using the South University Online Library, the Internet and your textbook, research the causes, symptoms, recommended diagnostic tests, possible treatments, and expected outcomes for disorders in the following systems:
Head and neck
Eye and the visual system
While interviewing and examining a 17-year-old male, you discover a white patch on his buccal mucosa and slanting palpebral fissures in his eyes. He also states during the interview that he plays baseball and is hoping to earn an athletic scholarship to college.
What do you suspect?
What kind of client teaching is appropriate in this situation?
Discuss appropriate educational materials for health promotion and disease prevention
When would slanting palpebral fissures be normal?
While performing a retinal exam on this patient, you find the margins of the optic disc are blurred and indistinct.
What further testing would be required? Why
What is the foremost cause of this clinical finding?
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This is the name of the text book: Physical Examination and Health Assessment (8th ed.). St. Louis: Saunders. ISBN: 9780323510806.
I can’t upload it because I have it in the school portal and I can’t download it.


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