Perpetua’s Journey Paper

History 2A – Winter 2019
Guidelines for Perpetua’s Journey Paper
This essay is meant to demonstrate your understanding of historical methodology and your
knowledge of ancient world history through a critical analysis of Jennifer A. Rea and Liz
Clarke’s graphic history, Perpetua’s Journey: Faith, Gender, and Power in the Roman Empire.
It should outline the book’s structure, present a coherent summary of its content, and identify the
primary and secondary source evidence the authors use to construct their history. Most
importantly, you must give your thoughtful evaluation of the way the book presents its graphic
narrative. Your paper must therefore include a thesis, where you state your position on the book
and provide a roadmap of the evidence you will use in your paper.
Due Date:
10pm on Saturday, February 29 via the GauchoSpace link. Late papers will not be accepted.
Between 1,200–1,400 words, not counting footnotes. If your paper is outside this range it will
incur an automatic grade reduction. Please provide a word count at the end of your paper.
Times New Roman, 12pt font. Double spaced. 1-inch margins. MS Word format (.doc, .docx).
Required Elements:
1. You must utilize at least two of the secondary source readings/films listed below. Follow these
models for footnote references—just add page number(s) at the end, where appropriate.
• John Lewis Gaddis, The Landscape of History, Ch. 1, pp. #.
• Amy Richlin, Arguments With Silence, Introduction, pp. #.
• Christianity: The First 2000 Years, A&E documentary (1998), Episode 1.
2. You must use at least two primary sources from this course, meaning documents found in the
WTWA textbook and/or material culture objects from lectures. Follow these models for primary
source footnote references:
• Primary source from WTWA: Author, “Title of document” (Year), WTWA, pg. #.
• Material culture object: Name of object (Year or Date range), 2A Lecture, Date.
Important Notes:
Do not use or reference any material from outside History 2A in your paper.
Plagiarism will result in failing the paper, failing the course, and potential academic sanctions.
This paper fulfills the general education writing requirement for this course. You must therefore
earn a passing grade on the paper (C or higher) in order to pass the class.

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