Nurse Staffing Ratios in a hospital setting

Paper instructions

Consider and Discuss both qualitative and quantitative data points within your paper. The topic is on Nurse Staffing Ratios in a hospital setting, the negative effects and how we propose that this be changed.

Some examples of data points you can include are listed below:

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Nurse Staffing Ratios in a hospital setting
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· Leader and peer interviews

· Patient/customer surveys

· Quality reports

· Benchmarking studies/baseline data. (If baseline data is available)

· What are the goals?

· Are current practices meeting the organizational goals?

· Are the prescribed practices followed?

Review and aggregate the data.

Determine the level of risk (what is the impact of not addressing your problem?) and frequency of the problem to determine the importance of the project.

Looking at the information you have gathered so far, determine whether the project lends itself to an evidence-based practice approach or a quality improvement project.

Use week 2 rubric attached


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