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News Story Assignment Country: Egypt I want you to investigate and reflect on the different ways in which media in Africa and in the West report stories about Africa, and to do so on the basis of a concrete case study. Choose one Africa-based media source, and one Western-based (New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Guardian, BBC etc.) You can find a comprehensive list of online links to African media by country here: (Links to an external site.). Find a story about your country (Egypt) published this year (2019) in Africa-based media and in Western-based. You may find a report in both media about the same subject, or you may not. Choosing different subjects is fine. Summarize the story/stories very briefly in your own words – content, significance – and briefly compare and contrast the choice of subject, coverage, and approach. Are different stories published in Africa compared to the West? How thorough is the reporting in the West about Africa? Be ready to discuss your findings – both what you find and what you don’t find — in section. CONSIDERING THE CIRCUMSTANCES IN WHICH WE ARE ALL LIVING FOCUS ON STORIES ABOUT CORONAVIRUS. CAN YOU FIND A SUCH A STORY IN WESTERN MEDIA ABOUT YOUR SPECIFIC COUNTRY? WHAT IS THE STATE OF THE DISEASE IN YOUR COUNTRY? LET’S AIM TO GET A CROSS SECTION OF INFORMATION AND VIEWS FOR THE WHOLE CONTINENT.

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New story assignment
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