“My Sociological Life” Application and Analysis Paper

Introduction to Sociology: Online
Application Paper
Instructor: Nicole Major
“My Sociological Life” Application and Analysis Paper
For this paper assignment you will be demonstrating your understanding of terms, concepts, theories, data, and
topics/themes presented throughout the semester from the class lectures and the textbook. You will accomplish
this by analyzing, applying, and synthesizing (Bloom’s Taxonomy) the information covered throughout the
course to YOUR life from a sociological perspective. You do not need to include the term “Bloom’s
Taxonomy” in your paper, rather this is the model you will use. Your grade will be based on your use of
Bloom’s Taxonomy, ability to thoroughly describe, explain, and predict the examples you present,
incorporation of the three main social theories (functionalism, conflict, and symbolic interactionism), and
adherence to all paper instructions. Please remember to underline or bold all applications (terms, concepts,
data, and theories).
The specific requirements and paper content objectives for the assignment are listed below. Please note that
this is NOT a life story about you, but rather a chance to apply, analyze, and synthesize various topics we have
discussed throughout the course to your life- a socioautobiography.
1) Introduction Paragraph: This will include basic demographic information about you; a “lead in” for the
reader about the paper assignment and what you will be discussing. The last sentence in your
introduction paragraph should specifically state the FIVE theme-focused paragraphs that will be
discussed in the next five sections of the paper, for example: socialization, culture, marriage/family,
education, and religion. The five themes should be bold or underlined.
2) FIVE Topic/Themed-Focused Paragraphs: You may want to start by going through the main chapter
topics in the table of contents/lecture notes titles as these are the main themes you can choose from:
culture, socialization, social structure/interaction, social groups, deviance, social class, race and
ethnicity, gender, age, politics/economy, marriage and family, education, and religion. You will want to
pick the top 5 topics that are most relevant to you.
An example for one body paragraph could be socialization. Within the paragraph you should include
relevant terms, concepts, theories, and data from that lecture and the textbook (at least 5) (i.e. significant
others, gender socialization, peer groups, agents of socialization, social learning theory), and incorporate
the 3 main social theories when possible) that apply to YOUR life. Underline or bold all terms or
theories. The three main social theories must be used at least once throughout the whole paper (these
count as separate points in the grading rubric). Describe, explain, and predict the cause and effect
relationships of the situations/ideas you include. How do these past events affect your future? Make
sure that you are demonstrating your skills of analysis, application, and synthesis for each topic- some
theories and concepts may be interwoven in other sections, but make sure you are utilizing specific
terms that were discussed from that section first.
3) Conclusion Paragraph: Sum up your paper with the themes you chose to analyze; show your knowledge
of the materials through synthesis/connection and the cause and effect relationships of a few major
events and themes you described throughout the paper; how does all of this affect you now and your
future; what are your future plans?
 You must use ESSAY format, using ASA (preferred) or APA style; please see the OWL Purdue website
for more information.
 Typed, double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman Font.
 You must have your own creative title (not the assignment title).
 Underline or Bold all important terms, concepts, titles of theories, and data. DO NOT underline
entire sentences.
 Please proofread your paper for spelling and grammar mistakes (you will be deducted points).
 DO NOT use contractions (spell out “cannot”- do not use “can’t”). Capitalize “I”.
 You must save your paper as a word document or PDF when uploading to the TURNITIN link.
 Please use the ASA template provided in the online course for a title page and correct ASA format
throughout the paper. Alternatively, you may use APA style (few differences).
 A references page is required (please use ASA/APA formatting). This should be the last page of the
paper (do NOT save the paper and the references page as separate documents). You will need to cite the
lecture and text, as well as any outside resources you use. Papers will be considered plagiarized if a
references page is not included.
 There is no required minimum or maximum page length for this assignment as I want you to focus on
the content and completely addressing the application/analysis (generally papers are 4-8 pages).
 Please review the grading rubric for this assignment BEFORE you begin the paper; once you complete
the assignment, use the rubric to grade yourself!
You are required to upload your paper to the Turnitin link located in our Canvas course site (you do not
need to go to the external turnitin site). Please see the class site (turn in under the “assignments” menu item) for
more information on this; also discussed in class. See class for due dates. Complete all submission steps and
make sure you receive a confirmation.
This paper is worth 100 points. No late papers will be accepted!
If you have any questions please contact me as soon as possible…I will be happy to help!

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