MN569 Unit 5 response 1 | Excelling Homework

Please respond to discussion below use 3 references using apa style 7th edition and 1 interactive question
In my healthcare organization we have just switched to the Epic platform for electronic charting. I have found that it seems to be a little bit easier than the previous one which was Cerner. However, we are still very new to it, and I am seeing a lot of challenges. Such as ordering blood during surgery, it seems that the order for the type and screen and the actual blood products to be ordered are two different processes. I must enter the specimen for venous blood in the intraoperative order, scan the printed label (if the printer works), and then I can send it to the lab for the type and cross. Before switching to epic all I had to do was put a patient sticker on the blood tube and my OPID identifier. Now it seems like there is more work, which holds up getting the patient type and crossed which then delays being able to order blood. My facility is still working out the kinks, however I have noticed benefits on the system being more user friendly when it comes to looking up information. It is easier to see a patient coming from a different facility, because they are also on epic and it’s a shared system if they are at another advent facility. Electronic health records are used to crease a single, shared, and reliable source of patient data throughout healthcare organizations (Boonstra, Janker, Van Offbeck,

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MN569 Unit 5 response 1 | Excelling Homework
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