MKT 6120 – Marketing Management – Davis Learning Engagement #7

TOPIC: Going Global
Discussion Thread 1 (initial post due Wednesday for full credit)
Please note: All of your discussion threads are to be at least 300-400 words and grammatically correct. Moodle will count the words for you. Late discussion threads will not receive full credit. You must post your initial response by Wednesday for full credit. (see the University Policy)
Discussion Thread 1 (initial post)
Imagine that you are expanding your company globally. Write down specifically what you would need to change about your company to make it appeal to a global audience, and why?
The question that we are answering here is what would drive your need to change your brand or your marketing mix, and what you would do about it. Ex. Saudia Arabians may find the name “Burger King” offensive, so you would rebrand yourself as “Burger Queen.”
DemandAre there any cultural, political or regional issues that would make your product undesirable?ex. religious rules, nationalism

AffordabilityCan a significant part of your global market afford your product?

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MKT 6120 – Marketing Management – Davis Learning Engagement #7
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Access Do distribution, infrastructure, legal, or staffing issues impact your product

Branding Does your brand work as is, or do you need to modify your brand to fit multiple countries

Discussion Thread 2 (two responses) 200 – 300 words
Comment on two other students’ initial responses, and add specific recommendations on what they should add, modify, and delete from their responses to make their responses even better and more compliant with the case study 2c grading criteria). (Due Sunday for full credit).


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