Methods and Evaluation on joyfulbaker company

This week you will work on the “Methods and Evaluation” sections of your Final Project.  Papers will include:

Title/cover page (in APA format)

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Methods and Evaluation on joyfulbaker company
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Training Methods Section (focus on the learning event)

How are you delivering the training? What are trainees actually doing during the training? What are the trainers doing during the training? Give good detail. Remember, someone should be able to take your plan and implement it without difficulty.

Prepare your Evaluation section using Kirkpatrick’s model as a guide

What outcomes are most appropriate?

Consider Reaction Outcomes, Behavior and Skill-Based Outcomes, and Learning or Cognitive Outcomes. 

Consider threats to validity, benefits of the training versus the costs, and Return on Investment/Expectations.

How will you address possible challenges? What can you do to mitigate or prevent them?

References (in APA format)

Papers will be 3-5 pages in content length, mostly narrative in format.  However, some items can be contained within a chart or table, or a bullet points outline as you create sections of your Final Project. See the rubric for specific details to guide you in developing your papers.  Papers must follow APA guidelines (especially in regards to citing sources to avoid plagiarized work). You will utilize content from additional resources, such as scholarly articles, journals.  (Note: Wikipedia is not a scholarly resource).


Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Training Evaluation Model Analyzing Learning Effectiveness (Links to an external site.)

Return on Expectations (Links to an external site.)

Return On Training Investment And How To Measure It (Links to an external site.)

What’s the Difference Between Return on Expectations and Return on Investment?


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