Mcdonaldization of The Sex Industry

Paper instructions

Answer the following questions using Mcdonaldization The Reader, Third Edition, George Ritzer.

In what ways is sex impervious to Mcdonaldization?
What aspects of sex would be benefited by Mcdonaldization? How?

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Mcdonaldization of The Sex Industry
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What aspects of sex would be adversely affected by Mcdonaldization? How?

How have new technologies, especially those associated with the internet, affected the Mcdonaldization of sex?

In what ways is your own sex life Mcdonaldized?

In what ways do we (you) resisit the Mcdonaldization of sex?


Title slide (including title of your article, your name, and the course number)

Summary of the content of the article (1 slide)

PLEASE NOTE: The summary should NOT be a condensed version of Ritzer’s introduction to the text. Using his text will be considered plagiarism, and result in afor the assignment and be reported to the Academic Standards Committee.

At least one slide and no more than 3 slides for each discussion question at the end of the reading.

PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that you use your textbook and other valid outside sources, properly cited in ASA, APA, or MLA format, to support your answers. The McDonaldization LibGuide contains an extensive list of books, websites, journal articles, and other articles from newspapers and magazines that you can use. Please do NOT include videos.

References slide: list all the outside sources you used in your presentation, including the reference for your article, in proper ASA, APA, or MLA format.


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