Maybe infected with bacteria from one | Homework Help

You are given a sputum sample from a pt that maybe infected with bacteria from one of the following genera; mycobacterium .describe the handling of the specimen and how the infectious agent, in this case a bacterial pathogen , is isolated from the sputum sample. .Explain techniques used to isolate bacteria from a clinical specimen using the Learnsmart Lab exercise ,’ isolation Methods as well as chapter 7 to support your account..Discuss how staining techniques maybe applied in the identification of an unknown sample.Discuss each staining each staining protocol . Mention the steps involved & how each step & each protocol would identify or eliminate each of these genera as a suspect. You may refer to other scientific resources , but they should be aIDition to and not in place of module resources.

Describe the important anatomical differences among these three genera & staining protocols  you would use to identify which genus is causing the pt’s infection.Essay 2 pages in length double space in font 10-12, using APA format

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Maybe infected with bacteria from one | Homework Help
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