May I suggest

“May I Suggest”  Carefully reflect on the song which opens the Forum Three Power-point. Simply click on the icon located on the bottom of the screen to begin play. Listen carefully, the lyrics are written out on the second slide. Continue to  view the remaining slides which contain quotes regarding service and opportunity to be in the world for others.

  1. How do the lyrics of the song speak to you?   What  messages are most meaningful to you?
  2.   What sense of opportunity do the lyrics convey?
  3. How has your participation in your current service fostered asense of personal responsibility for the care of others?
  4. Which one  of thequotes found in the power point speaks to your sense of  Christian charity? Why? Remember to support this with Brady.

We have   been looking at many perspectives of Charity,( how does this song speak to the the idea of agape, for example?

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May I suggest
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Create a two page essay which considers the above questions. 



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