Marketing strategies growth/ marure


1.Reading Assignment: Amazon Merchandise (North America & International) Business pages 3 to 5; MD&A pages 18, 24 to 25 – see attached Amazon 2019 10-K Amazon Financials in 10-K pages 74, 75 & 78 – see attached Amazon 10-K Article – Mature Market Category Strategies – see attached file “Mature Market Category Strategies – Emerson Article Apr 26 2011” Article – Chart: Free Shipping Is Amazon Prime’s Key Feature | Statista Article – Chart: Amazon Closes In on 100 Million Prime Members in the U.S. | Statista Article – WSJ Amazon’s Third Party Needs to Keep Raging Article – Chart: Amazon’s Surprisingly Diverse Revenue Base The articles are suggestions to help you to find information regarding the questions and be able to have more information to respond the questions assignments. If you find better info in another sources it’s fine, but it’s extremely important you are specific on your answers. 2.Questions for you as Amazon’s CMO of Merchandise (North America & International): What is the Prize? To find The Prize: Outlook: Target Hit Rate x $ Projection of Company (this is a large amount) Comparable: US Revenue x 20 (derived from US population/ World population) What are your Strategy Recommendations? Must be supported by the Takeaways from your frameworks. (you must analyze at least two frameworks) What are your relevant Frameworks analyzed? What are the respective Takeaways? What are the significant international considerations? Given your BMH&F, what is the range of your future annual investment in $ Billions which includes strategies to accomplish your Prize? Why? Note: I would encourage you to research / Google to add appropriate support for Frameworks & Strategies.

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Marketing strategies growth/ marure
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