make or buy 458909

The ski selected is a mass market ski with a special binding and will be sold for $80 per pair. A $125000 fixed charge will be absorbed by the ski, however, to allocate a fair share of the company’s present fixed cost to the new product.

Using the estimated sales and production of 10000 pair of skis as the expected volume,

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make or buy 458909
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Direct labor $35

Direct material 30

Total overhead 15

Total cost $80

They discussed the purchasing of the binding from a subcontractor at $5.25 per binding, or $10.50 per pair with direct-labor and variable cost would be reduced by 10% and direct materials costs would be reduced by 20%.

The company has the option of making and buying at the same time. What would be your answer to number 3 if this alternative were considered? Show calculations to support your answer.


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