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Make healthcare more affordable and accessible
Accessibility and affordability of healthcare is becoming a challenge to many people as the cost continues to rise. This therefore calls for immediate action to alleviate the situation to ensure that more people can access and as well afford medical costs. This paper gives various steps/proposals that a nurse leader would take to change the law to make healthcare more accessible and affordable.
The change that would be proposed is to increase the number of healthcare facilities and providing cheap and affordable insurance covers for the people. The reason for this change is because many facilities will allow many people to seek medical attention, while reducing the insurance cover will help the low-income earners to afford the costs of medical care (Miller, 2013).
For this proposed change to become operational, they must go through various stages of law making. The proposal will be aIDressed to the leaders of the entire facility or the nurses can take them to the legislator who will draft it as a bill. The legislature will present the proposal as a bill in the House of Representative for first reading, second reading and third reading. If approved, the bill will then be taken to the congress for voting before being taken to the president for assent and then gazettement to become a law (Korobkin, 2014). Before it is sent to the president, public members will be given a chance to go through it and to share their views about the same. The public views aware are raised through various platforms including the opposition, the legislators, the media, and various bodies that are concerned with matters of health among others.
Once the bill is passed, initiatives will be put into progress to ensure that it is enforced by making sure that more facilities are put up as well insurance covers are provided to the members of the public at affordable rates.

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Make healthcare more affordable and accessible | Homework Help
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Make healthcare more affordable and accessible
As the cost of accessing medical care increases, many people will not be in a position to seek quality health care. This situation is therefore likely to cause many deaths. The concerned party therefore needs to act immediately by putting in place appropriate measures to help curb the situation and ensure that all the citizens are able to afford and access medical care. This paper therefore delineates on the proposed change and the steps the change will go through before it becomes a law.
The proposed change to ensure affordability and accessibility of healthcare is by the government mitigating or providing insurance covers to citizens at low costs and setting up community health facilities (Nanda, Malone & Joseph, 2013). Most of people in community are unable to access to medical care because health facilities are far away from them. Other people also fail to access to medical care due to lack of affordability. Therefore, these two aspects should be looked into to ensure that people access and afford the medical care.
The nurse leaders will take the proposal to the leadership of the facility and share it. From there, the leader or head of the facility can allow the nurses to present the proposal to the concerned legislators. The legislator will then develop the proposal and draft it in the form of a bill. He will present the bill in the house for debate. The members of the house will debate and the bill goes through the three stages of reading: first reading, second reading, committee stage and third reading before it is taken to the congress for debating and voting (Zander, 2004). The public will also get an opportunity to evaluate the bill and air their views through the media, or to the opposition leaders. The congress will vote and when it goes through, it will be taken to the president for its assent to become a law upon its gazettement.

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