Liberia-Corruption and Abuse of Power (President George Weah)

Paper instructions

Please follow the guidelines as closely as possible. I have attached some powerpoints and articles to extract some information from them so that we can refer and cite this information as it may relate to Liberia.

Please also use the Book under the Title: African Development Third Edition,
by Author; Todd J. Moss & Danielle Resnick, you should be able to find it on the internet. And refer to pages 44-54, and pages 121-122 as it may be correlated to the type of corruption that George Weah may be currently applying to his own country of Liberia.

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Liberia-Corruption and Abuse of Power (President George Weah)
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Also, we may want to start with a short summary of Liberia’s origins and how it’s associated with the U.S., the number of Presidents it has had including the current one and a small background on the type of government it has.

When discussing the President, it may be important to discuss how it was possible that a person with the only experience he had, was that of a Professional Football(Soccer) and no government experience came to be elected as President of Liberia.


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