Junior Theology Final Project

Junior Theology Final Project items to cover
1. Explain what your topic is, entails, a little history of it and any detail or vocabulary that
seem important
2. What is the controversy surrounding this topic and why?
3. What are the pros of your topic and the cons of your topic?
4. What are arguments for and against this topic?
5. Why is this topic discussed under “Thou Shall Not Kill”?
6. What rights are said to be violated by this topic? (right to life, food, shelter, education,
7. Is the dignity of the human person violated in this topic?
8. Is this topic legal or illegal in the U.S? Explain
9. What is the Christian view on this topic?
10. What does the Catholic Church say in regards to this topic and why? (Catechism of the
Catholic Church can be Googled and may be helpful)
11. Use the model we learned in class about making moral decisions?
(object/intention/circumstance) to show why the Church believes the way it does. Use
the model to show examples of maybe when a circumstance might make an object okay.
Remember the ends never justifies the means.
12. Give examples of this topic and discuss them. If your topic is specific than give example
of other similar situations and compare them
13. Make sure if your topic is not current but historical, to look at the time period and decide
at that time if the people would have known better, then look at it from a modern
standpoint. Would natural law have influenced a person’s decision?
14. Did people in the situation have an erroneous, lax or informed consciences?
15. Any interesting stories that go with this topic?
16. After having researched and answered these questions, what are your thoughts on the
topic. Explain.

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