Is Trump a Conservative Assignment


Donald Trump is clearly the leader of the Republican Party, but should we consider him a conservative?  Drawing on Muller’s “What is Conservative Social and Political Thought?” along with the current readings for the week, please present the most persuasive case for BOTH why we should consider Trump a departure from, even a betrayal of, conservatism AND why we should view him as the culmination of conservatism.   Feel free to draw on your own experiences and observations to develop your insights, but make sure to not neglect the resource of the course content.  This is primarily an assignment in which you draw on and apply what we’ve learned about conservative social and political thought.  You may, of course, draw on Levin’s The Great Debate, but your analysis should focus on the further elaboration of conservatism provided by Muller and the current readings.

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Is Trump a Conservative Assignment
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