Is Inequality Making Us Sick

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Module 1 Discussion: “In Sickness and in Wealth”
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Required Reading/Content: Unnatural Causes Documentary- “Is Inequality Making Us Sick” and the Frameworks for Health Inequities lecture

The Unnatural Causes documentary, “In Sickness and in Wealth (Links to an external site.),” was broadcast nationally on PBS in spring 2008. It examined the role of social determinants of health in creating health inequalities/health disparities (which the film considers health inequities) in the U.S., including access to care, lack of insurance, discrimination, substandard housing, lack of educational attainment, unhealthy environments, and more. You also learned about the Social Ecological Model and how it can be applied to health issues.

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Is Inequality Making Us Sick
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Considering what you’ve learned from watching the Unnatural Causes Documentary and the Frameworks for Health Inequities lecture, discuss each of the following questions in your post this week:

Do you consider health to be a human right? Why or why not? Is this fair?
A common phrase used in public health is “Which matters more, your zip code or your genetic code.” Based on what you have learned in the Unnatural Causes Documentary what is your response to this question.
What do you believe are the key social determinants of health and the most important areas to be addressed by public health professionals? Include examples of where you have noticed disparate health outcomes in the determinants you have identified.

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