When discussing the topics at hand, please give personal examples as to what you got from the Ted Talk i.e. in section 2.2 of the book they discussed…..I can relate to this because……, or “I never thought of that before because….” I loved the Ted Talk, especially the part of…..this reminded me of a time…….., so on and so forth. I noticed in the first discussion board (I’m reading week two’s tomorrow), many of you told me what you learned, but we didn’t get to see how it pertained to you as a person. Basically, all I’m asking you to do is make it less academic and more personal. Don’t just say “I learned that self concept is…..”, instead say ” I learned what self concept is, and I noticed I can use this in my own life…..”
Takeaways and the dangers of language:) Think about how language affects you as a person. When did someone use language that made you feel in a negative way i.e. sad, angry, hurt, angry, or scared. Now think if a time when someone used langauge that gave you a positive feeling. How does langauge make a difference when they are just words?
What was a personal takeaway or connection to the video on empathy? Please give an example of when you practiced empathy, and/or when someone showed empathy towards you or something you believe in.What was your biggest takeaway from the Ted Talk? How did the talk affect you personally?What was your biggest takeaway from the chapter? Were you surprised by anything?
You will also discuss the Ted Talks. Tell me things like: what stood out, how it pertains to your life, what you gained, what does it have to do with this class, were you able to feel a connection when listening, etc (you do not have to answer ALL of those questions, it’s just a few suggestions) Maybe you saw fault with the study or didn’t agree with the talk.…

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