Inflation and interest rates in Japan

Paper instructions

you will do a case study on a macroeconomic topic. First, you will choose one topic from the list of paper topics below and pick one country that you want to study.
Then, you will produce a 3-4 pages(font 12, typed, double-spaced) of research regarding this topic.(If you pick topic 2 and Zimbabwe as your case study, then you could do a case study on,for instance,how an increase in money growth is impacting inflation and economic growth in Zimbabwe; If you pick topic 4 and the US, you could do a case study on the US trade deficit over a certain period of time, etc).Your book has several examples of case studies in each chapter. Make sure you are not doing exact examples from the text.Additionally, you cannot use these two exact examples that I have just given you.
Pick a topic and a country that you feel you would be interested in learning more about. The topics are open-ended to give you room to decide how you want to approach it. Make sure you clearly state what topic and country you are writing on.
Graphs and figures are welcome if it better explains your case study but any graphs you include should be put in an appendix and will not be counted towards the 3-4 pages. Please cite all sources (these can be sources found online so long as they are reputable –no blog postsor Wikipedia citations for example. Books, news articles or journal articles work). I don’t care what citation format you use (MLA, APA, etc.), just choose one and be consistent.
The evaluation of your paper will be based on the following criteria:
1.The ability to analyze a macroeconomic issue and apply it to a specific case study.
2.The ability to analyze critically and to synthesize data with the theory studied in the course material.
3.The ability to acquire and apply information from appropriate sources.

The Country is Japan
The Topic is Inflation and interest rates

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Inflation and interest rates in Japan
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