Increases the risk of wildfires

you need to post your 2-page information flier to share with your Final Project Group. You can either attach it as a file or embed it as an image.
The 2-pager information flier requirements are listed on the
Flier Requirements
This flier needs to be 2 pages in lengthEach page should be the typical page size 8.5in x 11inIdentify an Earth Science issue within our stateexplain this issue in detailgive solutions to prevent or treat your issueexample topics are listed belowYou need to make your flier:interestingaesthetically appealingconcisesomething you could place in a professional portfolio Imagine this is something that would be posted around the state and also given to managers and policymakersYou need at least 3 resourcesThese resources must be cited throughout your flier, listed out on the bottom of the source is cited on pageSeveral students forget thisYour flier must also include at least one form of data either in the form of a table or a graph.Examples of 2-page information fliers can be found here.
In your post, please also include the information below.
Your name
The geologic issue you’ve addressed (Increases the risk of wildfires )
The most interesting thing you learned about this topic

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Increases the risk of wildfires
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