In search of the hospitality organization that best meets its guests’ expectations | Homework Help

The project’s goal The goal of this project is to give you the chance to apply all the principles and strategies that we have been discussing and explaining in this course. In addition, this project will help you develop a more critical way of thinking and approaching business-related issues. This project consists of TWO sections: SECTION A: Pick two service organizations in the same service field (Sofitel Hotel and Le Meridien Hotel) 1. History and growth of the organization. 2. The service product that the company offers. 3. The organization’s service environment. 4. The organization’s delivery system 5. The type of guests the organization attracts (age, stage of life cycle, economic, educational and social level, etc.). 6. To what extent the organization listens and understands its guests and their needs and expectations. 7. What is its current reputation in the market and why. 8. The organization’s pricing policy. 9. The organization’s service strategy. 10. Its organizational culture. 11. The organization’s staff: Types of employees (age, education, etc.), training, motivation and empowerment issues. ƒ SECTION B: After gathering all the necessary material and information, you must answer to the following question: which one of these two companies according to your opinion is the most successful one in terms of best meeting its guests’ needs and offering guest satisfaction. In this section, you must compare and contrast the information you have collected on both organizations and analyze your findings in order to clearly show which one is the œwinner and why. List and explain all the reasons that led to your decision. Your answer must be justified by strong arguments that will be clearly stated. Other important things to know before you start working on your project: You must include my questions as headings in your document and analytically describe and explain your answers. Short answers or generalizations will lead to losing points. The textbook used for this class is: Ford, R. C., Sturman, M. C., & Heaton, C. P. (2012). Managing quality service in hospitality: How organizations achieve excellence in the guest experience. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Cengage Learning. (ISBN-13: 978-1-4390-6032-2)

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In search of the hospitality organization that best meets its guests’ expectations | Homework Help
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