How the media impacts the criminal justice system

Paper instructions

CACJ 20 desires to help you develop an appreciation of the how the media impacts the criminal justice system. With this in mind, we ask you to focus your thoughts on how the media influences you into taking the positions you take on the criminal justice system. This is not a research paper on someone else’s thoughts. You are often asked to parrot back what others say and do. This paper is all about you. In fact, if you feel that you are not influenced by traditional or social media, go for it. Let us know why you are not susceptible to influencers.
Freedom of expression under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution is a cherished and protected right. Please take full advantage of this right by expressing your true feelings in your paper. When I write, I take great care not to editorialize. You have no such constraint and are encouraged to make your opinions known.

Your paper must be exactly three (3) double-spaced pages using Times New Roman (12 pitch with one-inch margins throughout). The reason for “exactly three (3) double-spaced pages” is to make you take the time to edit, reread, and refine your work. If you feel the need to cite, use either the APA or MLA formats. A paper not meeting these specific requirements will be subject to a significant grade reduction and impact your final grade.

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How the media impacts the criminal justice system
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