How covid-19 has impacted consumers shopping behavior (grocery shopping)


Title – Impact of Covid-19 on consumers shopping behavior specifically in grocery shopping. PURPOSE – So that business/grocery store owners can make strategies to cope with future pandemics by analyzing consumers shopping behaviour. Country – INDIA This research paper should be based upon primary research and secondary data (NOT SECONDARY RESEARCH). Primary research – suppose that we have conducted online survey with consumers who usually go and shop at grocery stores and based on their feedback/answers to our well defined close ended questions, we need to write our research paper, this will be the primary research Secondary data – data/numbers/ facts available by the government or any authorizing bodies in INDIA based on which we can talk about consumers behavior. * we are not suppose to do seecondary research, means we can not prove or do the coninuation of someone else’s work by citing him/her. we need to do this research based on the observations received by the consumers and secondary data available online. online survey questions ( closed ended questions) which have been asked from the consumers:- 1.     Risk factor: Do you feel confident in going to the grocery store during this pandemic? 2.     Do you only prefer to buy essential products like toilet paper, sanitizer, etc. and leave behind non-essential products like beauty products, travel bags, etc.? 3.     Do you feel comfortable to stand in a queue outside grocery stores? 4.     Do you feel that grocery stores shouldn’t do dynamic pricing of essential products based on the product quantity available in the inventory? 5.     Do you prefer doing online grocery or over the counter purchasing? 6.     Do you get the products that you need at the store at all times? 7.     Do you feel that brands usually available in the store are now being replaced with other alternative brands? 8.     Do you think that your demand is shifting from value products to expensive products or vice-versa? 9.     Do you feel that grocery stores are still giving the same promotions of prices as before? 10.  Are you focusing on buying Non-perishable groceries over perishable groceries? 11.  Do you prefer online grocery shopping with home delivery over store pick-up option? 12.  Do you feel that your priority of buying any specific product varies based on daily situations? * This survey is completely anonymous and we need to help grocery owners make srategies based on the consolidated data received by doing this survey and online data (secondary data) provided by the government. Therefore, we can not cite any consumer name in the paper. For your reference below is the paper structure but doesn’t necessary that it needs to be followed :- Component Description I. Title page Includes title, author, student #, affiliation, course title, submission date, running head; does not include anything else II. Abstract  120 word max, summarizes proposal and includes the main research question, single page (p.2), proper heading III. Introduction and Research Questions States prior events or research that motivates the study Clear statement of research questions States key hypotheses Discusses how project will add to the field, and what policymakers might do differently if they had the study results SECTION 3 TOTAL IV. Literature Review Citations in proper APA format  Overall quality of literature review o Includes references for statements, is a narrative piece, etc. Discusses how building/improving on prior research, e.g., addressing gaps in field or problems with previous designs   SECTION 4   V. Research Design and Methods General design o States whether research question is descriptive or causal o Clear statement of design approach (RCT, QE) o States specific design type (e.g., interrupted time series) o States why design is appropriate to the research question o States whether the study is cross-sectional or longitudinal (if the latter, states what type of longitudinal study) Variables o  Lists key IV(s) and DV(s) o  States operational definitions for the IVs and DVs  Measurement o      Specifies how the key variables will be measured o States how many pre-tests and post-tests will be used o Discusses reliability of measures o Discusses validity of measures o      Discusses possible weaknesses with the measurement approach (e.g., interviewer effects, Hawthorne effects) Sampling  o      States population of interest o States population to study o      Discusses construction of sample frame o Discusses sampling strategy o States sample size Data collection o Specifies data collection plans, e.g., self-report survey (mail/internet /in-person), interview (telephone or in-person), focus groups, observational techniques, case study, agency records or other sources of secondary data o Provides an outline of what will be contained in any data collection instrument proposed (e.g., types of questions). Validity o  Discusses statistical conclusion validity, construct validity, internal validity and external validity.   o  Discusses any potential threats to internal validity Strengths and weaknesses of overall design o States the strengths and potential weaknesses of the overall research design o States plans for minimizing any expected problems     SECTION 5 TOTAL   VI. Analytic Approach and Research Products States units of  analysis States the analytic approach and some minor detail about analysis plans, e.g., content analysis, descriptive statistics, t-tests, chi-square, regression, etc. Discusses the expected results and the types of inference that will be made Lists stakeholders and who results will be reported to Lists the product(s) from the research (e.g., reports, journal articles, training sessions, presentations, treatment programs, or policy changes) SECTION 6 TOTAL VII. Ethical and Legal Considerations Complete and appropriate, recognizes possible issues o  Discusses concerns about the danger of participation for human subjects or researchers o  Discusses voluntary participation and  informed consent and addresses any deceit o  Discusses issues of data confidentiality and anonymity o Discusses any potential legal problems with the study

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How covid-19 has impacted consumers shopping behavior (grocery shopping)
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