Hospitality Law Plan

Hospitality Law Plan
You have been hired by a large full service property in the lower mainland. This is a brand new hotel
which has hired all new management staff. Your task is to create a training guide/booklet for all
departmental managers pertaining to the law, how it applies to the different areas of the hotel and how
it affects managers, their staff and guests.
Being able to convey concise and clear information is critical and it will determine the overall quality of
your training manual. Creativity in delivering a message through citing case studies and applicable
current legal decisions can be an effective way to illustrate an explanation and how it relates to daily
operations. Your Manual must explain how the subjects below affect operation of the property and
how that relates to the functions of hotel staff and management.
The following areas must be addressed (do not write a list of definitions):
 Human rights in Canada
 Human rights in the Hospitality Industry
 Contracts in the hospitality industry
 Principles of negligence
 Causation and the burden of proof –
(as it relates to documentation of
incidents on or around the hotel
 Occupier’s liability
 Prevention of negligence claims
 The house and grounds
 The restaurant sector: Food
 The beverage sector : Alcohol
 Innkeepers and guests rights
 Management in the hospitality industry
 Protection of guests and their property
 Regulatory requirements
 Employees and employment standards
Your work should be presented as a manual (10 – 15 pages) and it should include:
Cover page
List of contents with corresponding page numbers
Executive summary
Property summary (choose a real property in Vancouver)
The manual content/Body

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