Hofstede’s Dimensions of National Culture

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Part 1

Hofstede’s Dimensions of National Culture is often used by companies in preparing employees for overseas assignments and travel. For example, the Power Distance Index is 40 in the United States, 68 in France, and 80 in China. These dimensional scores tell us that in China inequities among people is acceptable, while in the United States it is much less acceptable.

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Hofstede’s Dimensions of National Culture
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FFH was founded as a regional company to serve the rural and agricultural markets. Over the years, its markets have expanded into more urban areas and now serve a mixture of urban and agricultural customers. This expansion has changed the nature of its stores and its product lines to serve a larger and more diverse of group of customers. With its expansion into the manufacturing area and its evolving product lines, FFH has steadily moved into the world of global markets and globalization.

FFH has contact with the international world in several ways, including:

Its manufacturing products are sold through brokers in several counties around the world, but FFH marketing employees support the brokers with overseas travel.
The buyers at corporate headquarters are purchasing many products from international companies, and the buyers generally make one or two trips a year overseas. The buyers also deal with a diverse and international group of marketing people who call on them in the buyers’ offices.

Respond to one of the following:

In preparing FFH buyers for overseas travel, which of Hofstede’s national cultural dimensions do you believe would be the most valuable to emphasize in the travel training? Why do you feel this is the most important? Use two countries of your choice and compare them to the United States on the dimension you selected. Complete a brief analysis of how you would use this comparison in your training.

Using your workplace (or a global organization you are familiar with), how is Hofstede’s work incorporated into this organization’s travel training? If it is not, what cultural dimensions would you select to enhance the training of employees for overseas assignments?

Part 2

Respond to one of the following:

As an HR professional working for FFH, which of the analytical methods from this unit would be the most appropriate for an FFH store to consider implementing, and why? What are three types of data you would want to include in your analytical analysis, and why?

Using your workplace (or an organization you are familiar with), explain the use of either scorecards or dashboards and what types of data and information are analyzed. Do the metrics support a strategic initiative, or have they led the organization in a different direction?


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