Healthcare Priority Issue


Healthcare Priority Issue Baccalaureate education will provide learning opportunities to use safety principles, quality improvement concepts, basic quality and safety investigations, and monitoring the results and outcomes (AACN, 2008).   Transforming healthcare and improving quality are priorities for the profession of nursing.  The following activity will help you explore key national priority health care areas for quality improvement as identified by the Institute of Medicine.  Begin by selecting a key healthcare priority area and a population. Next, review and locate 2 article that describes a nursing intervention designed to improve a patient outcome for the chosen population selected healthcare priority issue.  Finally, discuss why it is important for nursing to be involved in Quality Improvement and describe how nursing values can be used to help improve safe patient care. Access the Priority Areas for National Action: Transforming Health Quality( and read Chapter 3: Priority Areas for Quality Improvement, pages 41-45.  Select ONE priority area (priority healthcare issue) and identify a patient population you would like to explore.

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Healthcare Priority Issue
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