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Healthcare by Example

How realistic is it to expect health care workers to model mental, physical, and spiritual health? If Americans tend to be overweight, under-active workaholics who experience burnout, why should health care workers be any different?

It’s is not imperative that healthcare workers represent the picture perfect example of healthy living so long as their lifestyle doesn’t impact their professionalism or patients’ health. If healthcare workers aren’t engaged in any illegality but indulge in what many Americans indulge in such as unhealthy eating habits, tobacco outside the workplace, and other unhealthy vices, these workers are not subject to being held to a higher or lower standard because of these habits. Only when these habits begin to impact their decision-making skills and care of patients would these issues pose any problems for the patient. Therefore, it would be ideal if healthcare workers espoused and represented the ideal picture of health, but because they are human, it isn’t realistic that all or most healthcare workers will not be obese or overweight and refrain from engaging in unhealthy habits outside the workplace. These workers are there to be judged on their performance and not their looks, just like all other professions.

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Healthcare by Example | Homework Help
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