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Health systems What is the difference between the health systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States in terms of cost? CRITERIA FOR EVALUATING AN INFORMATION SYNTHESIS (Goldschmidt, 1986) Definition Is the purpose of the information synthesis described clearly? Are the context and relevance of the information synthesis described? Is the intended audience/potential user described clearly? Are explicit criteria of relevance (particularly inclusions and exclusions) described clearly? Are criteria of relevance defined in operational terms? Collection of Information Is the plan (strategy) used to identify relevant information (citations) described? Is the scope of the citation search described (e.g., in terms of time period covered)? Are databases searched or sources of citations described? Are the results of the citation search described clearly (e.g., number of citations identified, number relevant)? Is the relevance of retrieved citations (i.e., articles or research reports) determined? Is the method used to review, classify, and sort the information content of the relevant research reports described clearly? Assess ment of Information/Data (Research Findings) Are the data contained in relevant research reports validated (i.e., assessment of the extent to which the data generated by the research are substantiated by the reported research methods used to generate them) ? Is the method used to validate research data described clearly? Are research reports containing valid data identified explicitly, or listed? Presentation Are criteria used to select data for presentation stated? Are the results/data presented in a way useful to the target audience? Are data presented supported by reference to specific research reports? Are gaps in knowledge identified explicitly? Are priorities for needed research discussed? Are the limitations of the information synthesis discussed? Are important (practical) implications that flow logically from the state of knowledge discussed? Are warranted recommendations given? General Comments

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Health systems | Homework Help
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