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Health sciences and medicine Alcohol problem Project description Do not need sources Here is questions, please answer those question respectively. 1. Take the œWhat is Your Risk of Alcohol Abuse quiz. Analyze the quiz’s questions. Do you feel that they are relevant to students in the university setting? Would there be any questions that would be more appropriate to use if this quiz was given to middle school students, high school students, or adults out of school? Why or why not. What is missing from the quiz that you feel is important to include with the idea of alcohol consumption? 2. What is the difference between binge drinking and alcoholism? Why does society accept binge drinking in so many circumstances? In your life, what shaped your beliefs (acceptance, participation, or abstinence) regarding binge drinking? What do you think could change the culture of bingeing, especially in the college setting? 3. Taking what we have talked about in class so far regarding the pathophysiological changes in the brain that occur with addictions, what is the main area of the brain that might be involved with why young adults choose to consume alcohol. What are some alternatives that might work to alcohol consumption, understanding the implications of that area of the brain? 4. Describe the different personality types that can develop within a family that is influenced by alcohol abuse. Do you feel that these characteristics are unique to families with addictions? Why or why not?TO ORDER FOR THIS QUESTION OR A SIMILAR ONE, CLICK THE ORDER NOW BUTTON AND ON THE ORDER FORM, FILL ALL THE REQUIRED DETAILS THEN TRACE THE DISCOUNT CODE, TYPE IT ON THE DISCOUNT BOX AND CLICK ON ˜USE CODE’ TO EFFECT YOUR DISCOUNT. THANK YOU

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Health sciences and medicine Alcohol problem | Homework Help
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