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Health Law and Bioethics Oral Presentation Slides The power point presentation’s topic would be Is the Surgery Necessary Now? The Surgeon’s Conflict of Interest here is the link for this case study : I want you to study this topic in detail and then put together a slide presentation of 10-15 slides that will help me present the topic. The idea is that I want to prepare as though i am going to present this topic to a Board of Directors. What I don’t want to see on the slides is a reminder of when the law was enacted and why it came to be. Since you only have so many slides to work with, I want you to have an introductory slide but then immediately jump in to the laws relating to this topic and how we need to apply it in our company. Also, including (1) how this law can be audited from year to year in our hospital to make sure that we are complying with it, (2) and a graph or matrix to help us track compliance. In the working world, Board of Directors want you to research and understand topics better than they do (although they know quite a bit) as well as tell them how you will monitor the effectiveness of your training to the rest of the hospital.

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Health Law and Bioethics | Homework Help
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