Health is Wealth Essay Assignment | Online Assignment

to eat less meat for health, environment, and avoid animals suffering

Research Paper Prompt: The popular saying “health is wealth” can prove oxymoronic in a nation that views food as a commodity. Consider at least 3 specific nutritional, political, social, cultural, ethical, and/or ecological consequences associated with the Standard American Diet and use these consequences to advise your readers about exactly what kind of dietary choices they should be making. Write to make a difference; choose a particular audience to influence (i.e. farmers, family, friends, manufacturers, policymakers, restaurants, hospitals, or store owners in your community or beyond). Your essay must be 1000-1200 words, in MLA style, and cite at least six of the resources provided while exploring this topic in class. You may include additional resources as well.

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Health is Wealth Essay Assignment | Online Assignment
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