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You have been asked by your supervisor to create some new HIM training on RHIOs and HIEs, including information on data, characters, fields, records, files, and primary and secondary sources of information. She would like you to put all of this information into one handout that can be given to new staff who will be working with the facilities EHR system. She has given you the following guidance for the layout of the handout.

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Health information Management | Homework Help
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    1. Describe the difference between primary and secondary information sources.
    2. Define data, character, field, record, file and information. Give examples of each.
    3. Examine the screen shot below of an EHR registration screen. Analyze the parts of the screen and give 3 examples of data, a character, and a field from the screen shot. (For example: Show that the Patient Name area is a field.) You can do this as a list, a table, or graphically right on the screen shot (if you know how to do that!). You can be creative with this, and make it easier for someone new to understand the terminology.
    4. Distinguish between EHRs, RHIOs, and HIEs. Describe how stakeholders play a role in the success of RHIOs. Make conclusions about the benefits of these concepts. Your writing should make a convincing argument in support of RHIO’s and HIE.

Your paper should:

  • be 1-2 pages in length.
  • properly cite research sources.
  • be free of spelling and grammar errors.


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