governmental 461036

The following is a pre-closing trial balance for sun city’s General fund as of June 30, 2009:

Debit Credit

Cash 116,500

Taxes Receivable-Current 29,000

Estimated uncollectible current taxes 3,000

Accounts Payable 7,800

Due to other funds 5,500

Tax anticipation notes payable 50,000

Reserve for encumbrances 5,000

budgetary fund balance 1000

Fund Balance 70,200

Estimated Revenues 100,000

Revenues 102,000

Appropriations 99,000

Encumbrances 5,000

Expenditures 93,000

Totals 343,500 343,500

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governmental 461036
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(1) Providde the entries to close the budgetary and operating statement accounts.

(2) What is the fund balance as of June 30, 2009 after all closing entries have been made? Show your work.”

(3) what is the total fund balance as of june 30


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