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Your GET TO BY statement is your proposal to us about your project, this proposal and brief shows us you have done important first steps for planning your approach. You will be graded on  • thoughtful approach to audience and problem    • simple approach to action and strategy • a simple paragraph that frames your basic understanding of the problem • 2 or 3 resources that begin your research • professional offering (proofread, document labeled, accessible) GET TO BY references a simple strategic statement of intent. GET (an audience, a set of people whom you’ve studied and framed who have a stated problem) steer away from age alone as a way to identify, instead consider lifestyle, specificity. TO (do an action or understand a topic or change their thinking ) this is about the specific action you want the audience to do BY (offering a strategy and reason why for doing that action. This is a simple plan for helping your audience do the action.) this is the strategy, the plan that will compel the audience to do the action   Your statement should include: –A paragraph of explanation plus 2-3 sources. My project is “address a specific theme  you see in the world and connect it to an understanding of science for a specific audience‘’ The theme I choose : mask  wearing( importance of wearing a mask correctly, not the side effects of a mask. For example, many people will have close contact with each other when wearing a mask, or wear the same mask for a long time. We should teach them how to Wear a mask more effectively, because it will have side effects anyway( Like “if you gonna wear it, wear it the right way” )  My audience : All the On-campus Students at  University  All you need to do: complete the paragraph of Explanation and statement

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get to by
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