Genomic dna extraction and quantification | Homework Help

It will be one lab report compiling all the labs together as one making a story and explaining why I was successful for each lab,what I did etc. It should not be a repeat of protocols.

The report is max 6 pages length.

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Genomic dna extraction and quantification | Homework Help
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It should be a nice flowing story where one lab connects to another . The trick is the way you connect each of this labs

with each other explaining more about the lab experience and the scientific reason behind success for each lab experiment I don’t know whether you have done lab reports earlier or not but this is different from just writing protocols or lab notes,

I can send down the lab note book instead if you think lab protocols will not help?

Labs-Lab 1 was about pippeting 12,10,100 and 1000µl just to learn pippeting and consistency . I learnt for the smaller like 1 it is hard, but also instruments need to be sensitive to measure it as well.

Lab 2: Genomic DNA Extraction and Quantification

Lab 3: PCR Amplification of Housekeeping Genes from Genomic DNA

Lab 4: Molecular Cloning (I)

Lab 6 Molecular Cloning (III)–Analyze Transformants

Lab 7 Molecular Cloning (III)–Analyze Transformants

Lab 8 Absolute Quantitation by Real Time PCR

Lab 9 Analyzing real-time PCR data

Lab 11. GFP Protein Extraction/Purification/Quantification

Labs 12&13 SDS-PAGE, Coomassie Stain, and Western Blot.

Labs –


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